“Fairy tales are more than true — not because they tell us dragons exist, but because they tell us dragons can be beaten.”

—G.K. Chesterton (misquoted by Neil Gaiman

Revello Press publishes imaginative, uplifting, and inspiring stories for readers of all ages. We focus primarily on middle grade and young adult books with plenty of character development, fast-paced action, and sometimes a little suspenseful spookiness. However, we are open to similar stories for adult readers, such as cozy mysteries, paranormal mysteries, and light science fiction. 

We want our readers to be enthralled from beginning to end, as they discover characters who have to work hard to overcome their situations.  We also want to entertain with complex plot twists, fuel imaginations with surprise reveals and red-herrings, and to encourage family values such a honesty, bravery, and loyalty.

We consider Revello Press to be a boutique-style publisher. We pay larger royalty percentages than traditional publishers, while offering full publishing services with no fee to the author. We do not pay advances but our authors are part of the publishing process, with more input into editorial changes and cover design ideas. They are expected to participate in promotional opportunities provided by us.

Revello Press LLC was founded in 2019 for trade publications. A non-fiction imprint, Tūgate Press, was founded in 2020. Revello Press is a dba of InkSplasher, LLC which is owned and operated by Karlene Browning